I am done being sick, I need help!

At the start of each treatment, I ask my clients what they would like to achieve or gain from their appointment today and that was her reply “I am done been sick, I need help”
This was a 60-year-old lady with 2 knee replacements, her right hip had 2 surgery replacements and her left kidney removed. She had made up her mind and decided she can’t take anymore her body was exhausted.

We talked about a lot of events that happened in the past and her mother along with growing up was not very pleasant at all. She lived in fear from a young age and this continued all her life. Her body was doing its best to cope and survive each day but as you can see from her operations, fear had the upper hand.

Fear can come in many variations and can be quite a contempt living with you in your life, day in day out. You could have a fear of the dark, to be alone, walk into a pub on your own for example, it will never be far away. What if its part of you since you were born? Since the person who gave birth to you, instilled this fear in your life, your body?

Let’s look at her operations, both knees and hip. I asked did she accept them and welcome them into her body? “No,” she said. What if- due to her not accepting her “new” parts this may lead to lack of trust in her body. Lack of trust may lead to doubt in her body. This may lead to lack of confidence. This may lead to fear. Fear may lead to pain! She may be trying to move away from pain and fear and its impossible as this fear belongs to her, in her body that has this pain.

As you can see fear is never far away from her if it’s from past experiences or NOW? It is circular, unfortunately.

In the past 3 weeks this word “fear” has presented itself in my clinic on a regular daily basis. Fear of movement after an injury or an operation is very common. Fear of not able to train, make the team etc. Your fear is your experience!

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