Nicola McCourt 

Ronnie has been working with my son and I since the Summer, and the results have been AMAZING!
My son became ill in Jan 17, following a sickness bug. He developed chronic left abdominal pain. At times his pain was unbearable, and slowly he deteriorated to whereby walking resulted in him becoming dizzy and fainting. His condition lead to him hospitalised twice and lots of investigations and medication. Ronnie worked with my son, he understood his pain and limitations, he gained his trust, so he could work with his body and start the recovery. He taught me a technique to ease his extreme pain, which as a mother watching their son in chronic pain was invaluable. We followed Ronnie’s aftercare guidance and advice and the results have been amazing. My son is back to school full time, his weight has stabilised, he is in control of his pain and managing to live with his condition. Ronnie helped us when the professionals couldn’t, his aftercare was fantastic, helping us every step of the way.
Thank you Ronnie

Jimmy Ruffley PT 

So, i came to ronnie a bit sceptical i have to admit mainly due to being misinformed, mistreated and overcharged by OTHER “professionals”. Few years of having niggling lower back injuries which hugely affected my training to the point where i was almost scared to lift weights. Ronnie spotted the issue almost immediately and we got to work on my hip mobility. I was rediculously rigid in my hips which affected everything from my posture to my lifts. At 46 years of age and a fitness professional i thought i knew my own body, i was wrong !!! Learning basic hip rotation and spinal flexion movements was like learning to walk. So many eureka moments in such a short space of time. Hats off to ya ronnie, ya made a believer outta me. Can’t recommend this dude highly enough

Noreen Mulrine 

Last year I was treated by Ronnie, I have a history of complicated hip surgery and mobility issues. After my surgery I was advised to avoid various exercises/movements and I became over anxious when I experienced pain, I avoided simple movements such as bending to pick items up. From my sessions with Ronnie I learned I was able to exercise and move freely, it was my fear of injury not my physical condition that was holding me back. This along with a few practical exercises he gave me, I feel mentally and physically able to try anything. I cannot recommend Ronnie highly enough

Jimmy Lynch 

I came to Ronnie with hip and back issues. My PT instructor recommended him as he had gone to Ronnie with numbness in two fingers and Ronnie sorted it out. After years of physiotherapy and Pilates classes and you name it I’ve done it to try and fix my problems. My first session with Ronnie was both and education and eye opener to how the body really works and should work.
After chatting and going through all my symptoms he came up with some simple exercises for me to do and I’ve had no issues since.
Ronnie has such a vast knowledge about the human body and mind and how both can influence each other. My second experience was just as good and he was so helpful and accommodating with dates for my appointment. I had done some bad lifting and had some pain in my upper back and again was back to normal after his advice and exercises. I’ve told many people about Ronnie and several people have gone and got great results from Ronnie. If you have any issue make the appointment .

Michelle Guthrie 

I had one of most incredible bodywork sessions with Ronnie at Optimum Body. The treatment was a real brain training session. I learned what it was to move correctly and how much I have compensated movements with cheats. We started with basic movement and went through a journey of discovering why I move the way I do and began the reprogramming of my Neuro pathways to generate the most effecient powerful movement. There was an intense dry needling session which I swear could have conducted electricity with the twitch responses and this was followed by actually moving the body and retesting to see how far I came in the 90minutes. If you are an athlete and movement is part of your process and your looking to improve or fix a movement pattern you have Ronnie is a must to see. Im a real questionning patient and need to understand what’s happpeneing, why and how I cam fix it and I got all this from him. Ive a lot of homework to do and I cannot wait for the next session! Thank you

Kieran Mc Nally 

I came to Ronnie with Chronic neck and shoulder pain. I work as a personal trainer and the simplest of movments had become unmanageable. I had spent years and hundreds of euro on physio’s and had lost hope of getting better.
I had one session with Ronnie, he helped me realise I was not injured and that my nervous system was under a lot of stress and became super sensitive so I was in pain.From there he has helped me understand pain and how to manage it.
Within a few weeks I went from considering changing my career because of my situation to gaining full fitness and pain free.
I only actually seen Ronnie twice and my mind was blown with his knowledge and genuine honesty, he has a natural passion to help people. My knowledge and beliefs have completely changed surrounding pain and injuries.
I can not rate and thank this guy enough I would refer anybody I know to Ronnie, an absolute gent.


David o Connor 

After putting up with Groin Pain every time I played Hurling for over 8 Months ~ After 1 session with the man himself, my whole perspective shifted, number 1 on how we view pain & actual ‘injuries’ themselves and number 2, my pain kindly f**ked off which was the main thing  🙂 A man at the top of his game that continues to progress & perfect his craft & knowledge of the human body. If you’ve been trying and getting no where – or just been told to ‘stretch and you’ll be grand’ kinda thing in the past – I’m confident Ronnie will sort you. There’s 3 people in the Physio World that I recommend around Galway and Ronnie is one of those 3.

Magaret Flannery 

Hi guys I found Ronnie on social media I was at my ends wits with my back 2yrs I had on and off back pain MRI and doc said my disc at s1 was out… i needed a block put into my spin or an operation to remove disc. Well I wasnt up for either. Going to the gym for recovery just wasnt enough and I had given up on physio as it wasnt helping. I read about Ronnie and thought I would give optimum body a try one last thing before I went for that dreaded op ! I met with Ronnie ONCE and after being told Id never run again and weight train again I was doubtful…..Ronnie spent time getting to know what way I worked, my body worked and my frame of mind and after my first session and some homework exercises I havent had a pain or tweak in my back. Thanks to Ronnie I never needed that operation or any more physio sessions that werent helping. I am now in training for a half marathon in june hoping to lead to a marathon in September. Thanks Ronnie

Paul Hillis 

Having known Ronnie through sport for a number of years I decided to give him a call and have a chat about his work as I had a number of on going injuries. 6 months later I made an appointment and travelled to see him about my glutes and lower back which had been causing me huge problems for around 20 years. It proved to be a great decision.Ronnie asked a lot of questions, looked at how I was moving, caused me no pain and gave me the tools to make the difference. I’m improving everyday, definitely a massive improvement in a short space of time.

Mark Kelly 

I booked in with Ronnie not really knowing what to expect, after spending the price of a small mortgage on every remedy known to man which would “cure” lower back pain and hopping from one physio to the next, constantly being told i have lazy glutes and tight QL i finally bit the bullet and booked in.
what a wierd machine the body really is. Ronnie found within 10 minutes that i had taken a wallop to the back of the head in my younger years which can be to blame for my pain. Every morning since i wake up waiting for the Pain/stiffness/weakness to rear its ugly head but thankfully nothing has surfaced. It was a pleasure to meet with Ronnie and learn about pain and the importance of movement and stability and how to use this in everyday life. One session with Ronnie really does open your eyes to the world of pain prevention and how to use your body and make it work for you.
How does an operation 10 years ago impact on a total different part of the body? ridiculously interesting how appyling pressure to that old wound can completely blow out all the muscles. Mind boggling stuff.
A big thanks to Ronnie for his expertise and i Look forward to booking another session in the near future to learn more.
100% reccomend anyone with a long term pain issue to book in and enjoy the painfree movement  🙂

Denis Kearney 

I have a persistent shoulder problem going back many, many moons. I have been to several physios with some better than others, but none providing any lasting improvement. Ronnie uses an interesting technique where he tries to determine the source of weakness through analysing the pathways to the brain and then attempting to unblock the sludge within these pathways. Looks kinda silly when he is doing it, but it seems to work. My shoulder is far from perfect (need to go back for another session) but it is definitely a major improvement from what it was. Also, Ronnie has helped me improve mot posture and walking gait, which has had tremendous overall benefits

Siobhan Harbour 

I found Ronnie after getting a nerve block in my back but the pain was back in full force. In comparison to other physios I had been too where I was never really happy with the treatment, Ronnie looks at the whole person along with the specific injury or pain, which was new outlook to me but has worked an absolute treat. After just two treatments my back is feeling a million times better. I can’t recommend Ronnie enough.

Oliver Thompson 

Having had a couple of motorcycle accidents and working at a sedentary job for years my back had started to seize up. I had classic sciatica pain down one leg and also down one arm when I lay on my back. I spent a couple of hours with Ronnie going through everything and basically learning to walk properly again. Ronnie is very honest, refreshingly so. He gave me a set of very simple exercises which only take a few minutes a day and basically told me to keep moving… It’s been about 6 months since I saw Ronnie and my back has just got better and better, the more I move the easier it is to move, a virtuous circle. Was footing turf today! I would highly recommend him, be prepared to have your eyes opened and learn how to get the best from the body you have.

Felix Ross 

The immediate relief Ronnie provided (in a single session) to old injuries that I had given up all hope of ever fixing was amazing. His methods of treatment and results have to be seen to be believed! I couldn’t recommend him highly enough

Sharon Joyce 

5 STAR IS NOT ENOUGH, I suffered with lower back pain for over a year and and numbness /pain in both legs , managed this with lots of strong pain medication and just getting off my feet when it was at its worst , eventually i could not work or walk properly and was in severe pain , I went or MRI and result was 2 bulging discs , one butting a nerve and stenosis (narrowing of the spine ) , My Doctor rang me and said that he could not see how this could get better without surgery , so home to bed with lots of painkillers , I was devastated , My daughter convinced me to go see Ronnie and I have never looked back since , He was so kind and thought me so much about pain , mind body emotional connection , how to live in and move my body correctly , he worked on nerve release and I have not once had the pain in my legs since then, that was last November. Ronnie thought me all about taking care of and listening to my body , and Im back at work and leading a full healthy life , completely off all pain medication . I saw him 3 times altogether , and there is no need for surgery on my back , please go to this man before you consider anything else , I cannot recommend him highly enough , Thanks my friend , you are one of a kind .

Sharon Thompson 

Over the last 14 years I’ve watched my husband become more and more imobile. He has had 2 motorcycle crashes. The first about 25 years ago, damaged his right tibia (shin) going up into his knee. The 2nd about 14 years ago resulted in a compound, commuted fracture of his left femur (thigh bone) and his right tibia and fibula being crushed. So for the last 14 years he has had one leg shorter than the other. He has slowly become less mobile. His spine slowly adapted to his leg shortness. He began to seize up. In September 2016 I heard about Ronnie. In October 2016 we went to see him.
We spent almost 2 hours with Ronnie one Saturday morning. It was an eye opener. Ronnie showed my husband how to move. How to get into a position that allowed his body to remember how it should be, not how it was. Ronnie showed him how to move without pain.
It’s now May 2017 and he is still moving, without pain. He did what he was told. He does his exercises. He heals himself under the guidance of Ronnie. The human body is amazing and Ronnie is an amazing guide.

Alan Murphy 

Having gone to multiple physio sessions I was worried about the radiating pain In my shoulder and arm. I had pins and needles in my fingers and no sign of change. I drove all the way up to Ronnie and had one session. He identified a few problem areas and worked on them, tool some rehab exercises home and have had no issues with this since. I really like the one to one nature of his approach – it’s all about you on your time with him and the comprehensive follow-up report he sends a day or two after the visit is very impressive. I now recommend students and colleagues to see Ronnie with issues they have no answers for. 5 stars from me.

Dave Dempsey 

Went to Ronnie after doctor told me ( following an MRI) that I have a spur coming from a lower disc hitting a nerve. The pain was constant and I was told I would need an injection to numb and then an operation to take the spur off. While waiting for injection appointment, pain just got worse and worse. A friend recommended Ronnie, Thank God. In one session, he identified problems with my posture, alignment issues, I had been compensating for an old knee injury and he reset this. I felt much more comfortable by the end of the session. He gave me stretches and movements to work on and within a week, my back was a million times better. A month later, writing this. My back is 100%.
Thanks a million Ronnie.
Couldn’t recommend you highly enough.

Nicola Walsh 

More stars needed! I couldn’t recommend Ronnie enough. I really thought that I would always be in pain forever but Ronnie had other ideas. He is a genius! After a series of operations I was left with severe nerve pain in my shoulder which contributed to lower back pain. I went to Ronnie with Costocondtritis not thinking he could help my nerve pain. I am pain free for the first time in over 6 years.
Go with an open mind and willingness for change and you won’t be disappointed.

Lorraine Brennan 

After months of crippling nerve pain, neck and shoulder pain, Ronnie found the root cause of it and helped my body heal itself, in one session! I’m absolutely delighted and would highly recommend him.

Ronan Bilbow 

I came to Ronnie with total uncertainty of what was causing tension and pain in my back , hips and knees.
As a coach I knew I had to go and get this resolved instead of just treating or masking pain.
Former long distance runner I presumed that I had bet myself up running so stopped.
Ronnie sat with me and worked through my history , helping me highlight traumas and injuries to the body I had even forgot about and never thought for one second the impact all of these have on our body long term.
I had always been self conscious about the external rotation of my legs and thought it would never be something that could be set right.
After 90 minutes of Ronnie investigating, bringing me through different movements and what was so important to me explaining to me how my body is working and reacting to the old traumas , I stood in front of the mirror to see amazingly my body had totally changed , leg alignment was so much better , tension and pain in hips and back gone.
Through talking with Ronnie after I understand this is not just a “fix”.
Consistently looking after my body and working on the “homework” he gave me will help me bring flow to my body and movement.
As a coach and fitness centre owner I have recommended him to many clients but nothing matches experiencing his work with AIM ( anatomy in motion) first hand and his amazing way with individuals.
Looking forward to returning for more guidance in January.

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