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Such an interesting case last week I would like to share with you. Male Client 54 years old works in construction and his complaint was left hip and lower back pain. History intake showed a few traumas but one that really got my attention was when he was 14 he fell off his bike and […]

We all have our ups and downs. We all give up on different events or times in our lives for some reason or another. This blog has me thinking about why and how people give up on themselves on a daily basis. Give up on exercise, family life, social events, work, happiness, health, movement etc. […]

My first race I remember well. I was barefoot, summers day, my mother to my right giving me the thumbs up. I was 5 years old. I won my first medal. My track and field adventures began on that day. I also remember my last race in my teens, I was 16 years old. As […]

Your back gets sore for no reason at all; it gets worse as the days and weeks pass. You then develop nerve pain down the back of your leg and more weeks pass. By now you’re taking some form of medication and decide enough is enough there has to be something sinister going on so […]

Every day I get asked, “why do you need to know what happened to me years ago”. To find the answers to your current symptoms we need to investigate we need to become detectives and figure out from the start from birth to present date and piece together your past traumatic injury both physical and […]

A few weeks a go I had the pleasure of meeting a 20-year-old lady, her complaint was lower back pain, which was ongoing for nearly 2 years. Before her onset of back pain she enjoyed her work and playing football for her local club. She recalls never hurting her back or any incident that may […]

At the start of each treatment, I ask my clients what they would like to achieve or gain from their appointment today and that was her reply “I am done been sick, I need help” This was a 60-year-old lady with 2 knee replacements, her right hip had 2 surgery replacements and her left kidney […]

I received a message from a concerned client of mine in regards to her mother who had very severe back pain. Her mother had visited the doctor and told her that her prognosis is not good and she had 2 bulging discs and may need surgery. She was told to rest up and take a […]