Back gets sore for no reason

Your back gets sore for no reason at all; it gets worse as the days and weeks pass. You then develop nerve pain down the back of your leg and more weeks pass. By now you’re taking some form of medication and decide enough is enough there has to be something sinister going on so off you go to your GP. 10 minutes with your GP and you have enough medication to knock a horse and a scheduled MRI. Has to be a Disc you are told! Can be nothing else, you are told. Along you go and get your MRI. At this stage, the pain is worse due to worry, stress, fear, anxiety due to the doctor telling you may need surgery?

The results are in! Referred to a Surgeon, surgery looks to be on the cards. More stress, worry and fear built up around meeting this “specialist”. Another 10 min later and he can book you in for surgery and it will only take him an hour to “fix” the problem but you will need at least 4 months physio after him.

Easy as that he was told. This today a client told me. Thankfully he is going to work with his body and stay positive. Today, also another person who had back surgery contacted me and his right leg is numb post surgery. His surgery was 5 months ago. Finally, a 3rd person rang me with “horrendous” pain in her shoulder, which she never had, and is now 3 months post surgery.

Then I see this Study today on facebook and it’s in relation to MRI reliability and consistency. One person received 10 MRI in 10 different settings/locations and they were done over a short period of time and read by 10 radiologists and NONE of them matched each other with the same results. So each radiologist had produced different findings!

Where does this leave you, the doctor and myself? MRI is not to be taken as true as they are not 100% accurate. MRI should not be called for unless it is a life-threatening situation. MRI will build towards your fear, worry, anxiety and stress and this will only slow down your healing.

The work surgeons can do is absolutely amazing, but, what they are actually doing could/might/does make matters worse for you. I have said this before many times, surgery should be the last thing. There are amazing therapists all over Ireland who can help and guide you through your current situation. Go there first, not your doctor.

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