Such an interesting case last week I would like to share with you. Male Client 54 years old works in construction and his complaint was left hip and lower back pain.

History intake showed a few traumas but one that really got my attention was when he was 14 he fell off his bike and landed on his left knee needing 5 stitches. His postural assessment showed that the left side of his pelvis was high and his left shoulder was low causing his head to flex to the right. Gait (walking) analysis showed that he seemed to favor his left side and walking with some what of a limp on his right leg but..” he never took any notice”

We carried on with the session and I started to work with his scar on the left knee and found plenty of Neural activity so worked towards calming those down. Even though he never had trouble with this knee, it was an active scar!
His Gait afterwards looked a lot more efficient and he was not leaning towards his left side as much. His hip was feeling looser, but still sore … when he was walking I spotted a small scar on his RIGHT shin I asked ” what happened to this”, he looked down and said ” I forgot about that, this happened when I was 2 years old” I asked him to explain… ” I got badly burnt there when I was a kid and it got infected, I cant remember it” he said.

This happened over 52 year ago, he forgot, but his brain did not.

Back onto the table and we worked on this scar and when I touched it his entire leg tensed up so we slowly took our time and worked on his leg, mostly nerve and some bone work, but his tissues were stuck to the bone. We needed to create space for blood flow, for healing to start in this area, so his brain would realize that it does not need to protect this area anymore.. it wanted and needed to feel safe!

He got off the table his hip and back pain were gone along with his limp. His pelvis, shoulders and head were now balanced also.
We then integrated the work we did on the table with Gait Specific movement while standing, using Anatomy in Motion. He went away with “homework” which was specific movement exercise for him to carry out daily, to keep his pain away and under control.

Have you Scars?

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