we need to become detectives

Every day I get asked, “why do you need to know what happened to me years ago”. To find the answers to your current symptoms we need to investigate we need to become detectives and figure out from the start from birth to present date and piece together your past traumatic injury both physical and emotional!

That is exactly what we did with this client. He kindly gave me permission to use his photo and if you look at it I have circled around his lower back. The photo was taken roughly 30 minutes apart on session one. As you can see when you compare photos his lower back does not have as much of a tilt which takes tension and pain away. Every time you take your average 12,000 steps per day, or try and run you eventually experience pain.

His history showed he broke his left ankle at 12 years old and the same year got his appendix removed and from then up until 20 years old he Sprained the same left ankle on numerous occasions. So 18 years later his right side of his body had taken enough. He was hurting from his feet to head all on the right side. He gave up soccer as a result.

Why his right side? Well, compensation set in and to manage his mass his brain decided to take the easiest route and the safest which was primarily all on his right-hand side. I believe the broken ankle on his left foot was the main cause for his current symptoms. Global compensations had set in from an early age of 12 years old!

With both appointments, I primarily used ANATOMY IN MOTION which helps the body to find its natural movement patterns and creates an environment for auto-correction and self-healing. During the second session, we worked towards improving his joints and muscles range of motion in all 3 planes.

If you are experiencing pain and discomfort and would like to find out WHY then please contact me for an assessment. I use a full body integrated approach to assessment and treatment!

‘For the last few years, I have been suffering from tightness all along my right side. In my back and heel in particular. I had tried many different treatments without finding a long-term solution. I was referred to Ronnie and following 2 sessions I can feel I am heading on the right track. Following a trawl through the litany of injuries I have had Ronnie Identified a broken ankle I had when I was 12 and the subsequent imbalances that occurred as a result as the source of most of my injuries since then. Following treatment in clinic and continuing the exercises Ronnie provided me with I am now back cycling and aim to be back running soon.’

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