Maybe his knee was not the real issue?

If you play sports and injury decides to settle at your doorstep and it keeps knocking, frustration, impatience, anger and a lack of trust sets in. Having one operation was enough, but two on the same knee just did not make sense to me, so my question was, maybe his knee was not the real issue?

Chris had many inhibitions patterns in his body from his 2 knee operations and the usual ankle sprains from playing soccer. I used Anatomy in Motion and P-DTR during my treatment with Chris and from the first treatment alone he was back training.
Between the first and the second is where Chris did all the groundwork and gave his body the chance to heal and recovery. So, he stopped any deep tissue massage, using a hard ball to at the knee and myself included. I told him to come back when he is ready until he felt he had to come back and he realized that his body needs time to heal, time to recover. He needed to take responsibility for his body, and he did that, brilliantly.

There were 4 weeks between the first and second session and we worked with AIM and P-DTR during the session also, Chris was back playing full games at this stage.

Thank you to Chris Greaney for this review.

Chris review-
“Wasn’t sure what to expect when booking with Ronnie but I said I’d give it a go after being to so many Physio sessions and getting frustrated with mainly knee injuries and causing me to miss games and training with soccer.. two knee operations and thinking about getting a third one before seeing Ronnie but the week after seeing him I was back training .. He noticed a lot of things wrong with me mainly muscles that weren’t firing or using properly, or overcompensating other muscles.. he gave me loads off exercises and made me trust my body to heal the way it should and move the way I should instead off getting frustrated and training incorrectly and eventually breaking down again.. my mobility has approved and I have brought his exercises into my training.. Feel 100% better in everyday life and my sport. Ronnie has me definitely in the right direction.. highly recommend him for any sports person or anyone that has injured and want something different.. best off luck Ronnie “
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