Transformation and Taking Control

I received a message from a concerned client of mine in regards to her mother who had very severe back pain. Her mother had visited the doctor and told her that her prognosis is not good and she had 2 bulging discs and may need surgery. She was told to rest up and take a high dosage of medication and if it persists they may need to operate after the Christmas!
Her daughter organised an appointment after a small bit of persuasion with her mother, as she was somewhat convinced that she had to lie on the floor and wait for surgery. Look at it from her point of view or her experience. A doctor with 6- 10 years medical training telling her that surgery may be required and go home and rest, against me, who says the complete opposite and wants you to move and accept where you are and work with it rather than lie on the floor!

I met with my client on the 14th of November. Her symptoms were, “Lower back in the middle, right above bottom with pain down both legs, severe pain”. “When I think back approx 1 year ago I started to feel pain in back along with numbness and burning
sensation in legs”

She had the usual past injuries also, bangs to the head as a child, ankle sprains etc but when we got talking in more detail she mentioned her experience with alcohol and depression. It also became aware as we talked that she was neglecting herself as a person. She was always putting her work and family first. She was walking around “with” her body rather than “in” her body. So, this to me was a lot more important than any structural issue going on.
During her treatment, we mostly talked and lots of tears flowed. I educated her about pain and told her that discs do not bulge and they are as common as the common cold. I also introduced Anatomy in Motion to her where she got the chance to move her body from feet to head and she quickly became aware that her pain had reduced to a point where she accepted it, she accepted the “now”. If we are fighting something from our past years and try to cover it up, our bodies will quickly remind us and if you don’t listen, maybe pain is not far away!

The following day I received this email:
“Hi Ronnie, I cannot find the words to thank you for the wonderful help yesterday, I can honestly say I feel like a different person today, yes i still have a bit of tightness and all that but I am not afraid today, I trust your healing method 100% and for that reason I would like to book an appointment for early Dec if possible, I just received the home work and I will start that today, I went for a walk on the beach for the first time in months this morning, and also started listening to Louise Hay meditation , assist in your own healing, No tablets today .Thank you so much and look forward to hearing from you with appoint”– from my client.

On the second appointment, just 3/4 weeks from the first and I opened the door and my first thoughts were I double booked the appointment, but I did not. I simply did not recognize her; it was such an amazing transformation. She had totally taken control of her life, her self, and her body. She had taken control of her pain. Accepted that her life needed to change and she started to change it, for herself, no one else, her!

I asked how is her pain? She said, “Its still there and I am stiff but its not bothering me!” This is coming from a women who 3 weeks earlier was laying on her floor, told by her doctor to do nothing and take pain medication was now out walking and living her life to the full, her way! This to me is truly amazing. I say it all the time; the healing takes place at home and here is proof!
Our second appointment consisted of less talk, more AIM, P-DTR and Nerve work. Our next session is whenever she needs and wants me, its up to her.

This amazing lady took control of her situation and started reading and educating herself about pain from my facebook page.
So my question to you as you read this is, what is holding you back? Is there anything in your way? Is your pain structural? Is it emotional?

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