Ronnie Warde

People ask me why I decided to quit plumbing. My answer always is the same; happiness!

When I made the transition in my career from plumber to therapist, my decision was easy, but the transformation was difficult. My wife and I had a young family when I started to travel to the United States for my KMI training, for a total of eight times at two weeks per visit, but I knew that it was right for me to embark upon this journey. I had the support from my family and friends, which made each lonely trip and course less tiresome and regretful. I constantly challenge myself to new ideas and narratives, and maybe this is why I have taken a good quantity of training courses. I love to learn, I love to educate myself about the human body, and I love meeting new people of all nationalities, and now have friends all over the world as a result of my self-educated approach. As a result, I am very happy!

My interaction with clients in clinic is based on my experience so far in life. I do my very best to be myself and to not portray myself or any other approach/modalities that I have adopted to be the ‘thing’ that ‘fixes’ you. Honesty, and a client- centred approach is of the utmost importance to me.

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Our bodies are amazing, but yet very complex. There are many variables that shape our existence as we walk and carry out our daily activities. Variations from our genetics, stressors from work and home, lifestyle, finances, and our emotional components; our expectations, our behaviour, our excuses, our cognitive thoughts and beliefs, and our past experiences… the list is endless!

When working with clients, I wish to build a strong therapeutic alliance, and to collaborate with them regarding their current state and reasons for contacting me, which may be due to pain, or that they are requiring movement analysis for their chosen sport, their having picked up a small injury, or for a general ‘tune up’, as I like to call it; in other words they have no pain as such, but are requesting a general check up on their overall health.

During my appointments, I use a manual and movement approach, along with education to help you understand your pain and ease your concerns. My appointments are ninety minutes long, which gives us a leisurely time to explore all of the relevant issues. I believe that the line of communication needs to be kept open, so I welcome communication outside of the clinic, via email or text. Outside clinic support to my clients is very important to me, for you!

So many people that I meet are distressed and have pain, which one might think of as ‘dis-ability’. They are distressed due to their fears and emotions, thinking that they are “broken”, or “fit for the scrap yard”. I hear this a lot. They may have been told that surgery is inevitable. Maybe past experiences with other therapists were not so promising, or have not addressed their concerns in relation to their pain. With regard to their ‘dis-ability’, pain may have altered their behaviour, and ‘fear-avoidance’ may have become the ‘norm’ on a daily basis; fear of everyday actions such as picking up items from the floor, or if playing with their kids. Everything becomes tiresome and exhausting. For many, this can and does continue for months and years.

You will be provided with movement activities, as well as confidence-building or behavioural exploration activities which you can use each day, in order to work with the ‘dis-ability’ aspect of pain. This gives you the ‘ability’ to work with your ‘dis-ability’ either every day or when required.  Some educational information regards pain will also be provided. All of this is centred on you, your concerns, your goals and your lifestyle. I am about you, not me!

In my opinion, the real healing takes place at home; people need to take ownership of their bodies, their pain, and their lifestyle. I’ll do my very best for you to help your-self become pain-free and healthy.

  • NeuroMuscular Physical Therapy, 2013
  • Personal Training, 2013
  • NeuroKinetic Therapy, 2014
  • Kinesis Myofascial Integration -KMI, 2014
  • Nerve and Artery Mobilization, 2014
  • Anatomy in Motion, 2014
  • Zero Balancing, 2016
  • Cranial Integration, 2016
  • P-DTR, 2016

Be who you are!
Thank you for reading,
Ronnie Warde


5 STAR IS NOT ENOUGH, I suffered with lower back pain for over a year and and numbness /pain in both legs , managed this with lots of strong pain medication and just getting off my feet when it was at its worst , eventually i could not work or walk properly and was in severe pain , I went or MRI and result was 2 bulging discs , one butting a nerve and stenosis (narrowing of the spine ) , My Doctor rang me and said that he could not see how this could get better without surgery , so home to bed with lots of painkillers , I was devastated , My daughter convinced me to go see Ronnie and I have never looked back since , He was so kind and thought me so much about pain , mind body emotional connection , how to live in and move my body correctly , he worked on nerve release and I have not once had the pain in my legs since then, that was last November. Ronnie thought me all about taking care of and listening to my body , and Im back at work and leading a full healthy life , completely off all pain medication . I saw him 3 times altogether , and there is no need for surgery on my back , please go to this man before you consider anything else , I cannot reccommend him highly enough , Thanks my friend , you are one of a kind .

Sharon Joyce